This morning we woke up to the most horrendous possible news. Manchester – a place filled with euphoria and happiness, in few short seconds has turned into a place of panic, terror and grief. Innocent lives have been taken and many has been left physically injured and emotionally scared. It is unspeakable…unthinkable. My thoughts go to all of  those affected by the Manchester Arena attack – to the victims, their families and friends, to the brave police officers, paramedics and all those who have lent a helping hand. But they also can’t help going to many others – 1.8 billion others to be precise. They go to the people whose religion, once again, is being shamed and judged. They go to the people, who are, again, unfairly getting blamed for evil actions of one man. They go to those, who will be getting affected by this event for a long, long time after. They go to the people of Islam.

Today social media has showed us its two sides: the amazing one – people spreading the news with a speed of light and coming together to support each other and help one another; and the less impressive one – people spreading untrue information, individuals trying to find someone to blame, shaming religion and spreading anger and hatred.

Terrorists are not muslims. Terrorists are bad people – they are brutal cowards hiding behind the mask of  a “greater faith”. If one is an evil person, they will be a bad muslim, christian and buddhist, or whoever else they will call themselves. Terrorism has no religion. It has, however, an aim and it is to spread misinformation, anger and hatred to divide people around the world.

Therefore, comments like this must stop now: Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 09.10.26


Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 09.55.16

I ask my friends and readers not to spread misinformation and only share facts established by the police. I urge to stop sending messaged of hatred and start sending ones of solidarity. Otherwise terrorism achieves its main goal and simply wins.

Again, my thoughts are with those affected by the Manchester attack. Lest’s not let events like this one divide us. Instead, let’s #StandTogether and let kindness win over anger, however difficult it may be.


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