Strong research skills mean strong PR skills

If there is one thing we all do, but never admit doing, it’s stalking. Yes I said it, and no…don’t give me the outraged “I never do it!” gibberish!


Whether it was your future work mates, new uni friends or, most likely, your partner’s ex, y’all have been there spying on someone at some point!

I also know, that if you got caught doing it, you were embarrassed. Understandable, but!, I’m here to say something comforting and true in the same time.

All those hours, you thought you’d wasted on stalking your one and only to find out as much about them as possible and win their heart, did not go to waste. Especially if you’re an aspiring PR, or a journalist, or a spy.

Because, ignoring the whole creepiness of our behaviour, while spending those long hours on stalking others we all have developed some research skills, skills essential for every PR and every journalist, skills you’ll be expected to have by every company you’ll ever work for.

Here’s why I think so.

I’ve recently (well…3 weeks ago) kicked off with my work experience for Bristol-based InfectiousPR – PR company doing promotion in the music industry. Because I’m a total freshman, obviously, I do not work with clients. Instead, I do in-house stuff. And guess what in-house work is all about. Reports…REPORTS AND DATA SPREADSHEETS. Which means researching, researching and researching. Researching clients, industries, media, journalists, bloggers, news tracking and so on.



Research is a part of PRs’ daily job and so having a strong ability to conduct an accurate and fast research is an essential skill that is critical for Public Relations practitioners. Ability to gather information is vital for success in the field – every PR project  involves research to some extent.

Time you forgive yourself the hours spent on stalking! You may be a bit of a creep, but at least a research-skilled one, and that one day will be much appreciated! (;


Have a great Friday!




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