You can spell “events” without “PR”…

As I’m over half way through my Public Relations course, visions of future me and my career become clearer and clearer.

There’s more than few aspects of traditional PR, which I find very interesting, but for the reason of my constant need of feeling like a free soul, with my love for loud music, hula hooping and colourful strobe lights, I may not end up doing corporate PR…

Instead, more and more often I catch myself daydreaming of my very own team of creative souls working hard together to create and deliver the most amazing festivals, full of music, dance, food, workshops and lights, and make someone (or a few someones) the happiest people on Earth for at least few days a year!

With a special little place in my heart, Boomtown Fair in Winchester


Yes, that’s one of those very tempting visions of mine. I guess, the patch of event management wouldn’t be the worst patch to walk 🙂

That’s why, when I’ve heard from someone, that event management has nothing to do with Public Relations I got a little upset…at first. ‘Cause I’ve quickly realised how strongly I actually disagree with such statements.

Events management may not necessarily  fit into definitions of traditional PR, just like it may not be obvious how PR skills are essential for event management. However,  I believe, events are a significant and important part of Public Relations and vice versa.


Events for PR:

Events are a great opportunity to promote, celebrate and entertain! Modern day PR support, among others, includes event management to help organizations raise their profiles and/or improve relationships with their stakeholders. Events management, if executed well,  can achieve publicity and recognition for the organization, adding up to their prestige.

Public Relations is about communication and an event can be a great tactic for pushing a PR message out there!


PR for events:

PR skills are more than adequate and easily applicable to event management.

Both, PR strategy and event management require similar project management skills. Research, planning, budgeting, organization, time management and communication – doesn’t matter if you’re a PR or an event manager, you need to be good with those.

Like I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts, to succeed in a PR world you should be a people person. The world of events doesn’t exempt you from it. You still have stakeholders to look after and satisfy. You still have clients to update with everything regularly. People and relationships to establish and maintain everywhere!

The role of an event manager requires a lot of responsibility. One mistake while organizing can result in attendants getting injured! Someone being upset isn’t actually the worst thing that can happen. Remember The Hillsborough disaster?

Last, but not least, for your events to succeed, just like for your PR campaigns you need some serious “out-of-the-box” thinking. Creativity is a must!


I’m not saying there’s no line between Public Relations and events management. Of course there is, but I will never agree with statements claiming, that one practise has nothing to do with the other. I also don’t think that my PR course means that I’ll be unqualified, when it comes to working in events industry.

You can spell “events” without “PR”, but would it not work better with a silent “PR” chucked somewhere in there?


I’m curious to hear other opinions on the matter, so please feel free to share your views!


Meantime, I wish everyone a great weekend!





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  1. I totally agree with you. I think PR sets the stage for many careers; if you’re good in PR you’d be fantastic in a wide realm of other fields. Every job deals with communication, writing, promoting and positive publicity… all PR!

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