Open Letter to an Employer

*Note to reader: This letter is not aimed at my employer. It is aimed at many employers. This is a product of conversations of one employee to others. It's not a result of my impression, it's a result of impressions of many.   9th September 2017 Dear Employer: Let me start off by saying that... Continue Reading →



This morning we woke up to the most horrendous possible news. Manchester - a place filled with euphoria and happiness, in few short seconds has turned into a place of panic, terror and grief. Innocent lives have been taken and many has been left physically injured and emotionally scared. It is unspeakable...unthinkable. My thoughts go to... Continue Reading →

We’re getting back together.

Hello Nat's blog. Please...let me speak. I know what you're going to say, we haven't seen each other for a while. That doesn't mean I stopped carrying about you. Quite the opposite, actually, I thought about you every day since I have last seen you. And every day I was more and more annoyed with... Continue Reading →

You can spell “events” without “PR”…

As I'm over half way through my Public Relations course, visions of future me and my career become clearer and clearer. There's more than few aspects of traditional PR, which I find very interesting, but for the reason of my constant need of feeling like a free soul, with my love for loud music, hula hooping and colourful strobe lights, I may not... Continue Reading →

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